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      Spring 2024 Regional Challenge

Information Links

Round 1 and Wildcard (same scenario) 


   Wildcard order of go


Round 1 and Wildcard Timing -15 minutes allowed with a knock on the door at 12 minutes.  5 minutes in between each competitor (20 minute cycle)

Semifinals Scenario

Speed Sell  

All students should prepare a 90 second pitch directed toward Loves Travel Stops for the purpose of obtaining an interview for a sales job. 

- All speed sells are via youtube. 

- Deadline to submit your speed sell is March 20.

Case Analysis Scenario 


General Information


The following provides important information about Loves Travel Stops.  This will help you to prepare for role plays. 

Loves Product Training Powerpoint 

Benefits and Objection Sheets

Fleet Sales Videos

Click on the link above for a variety of videos related to commercial product information

Fleet Sales One Page Information Sheets

Click on the link above for one page flyers with topics ranging from driver benefits to retread inspections to oil change programs

Local Visit Opportunity

Coaches have a local Love's truck stop available for field training. If you would like to visit and talk to a manager, check with your coach.

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